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It is time for someone to say this out loud. “We should not use opioids for back pain.”

Back pain is a common and sometimes disabling condition that af...

No Opioids for Back Pain. Period.

August 16, 2016

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Please watch this video!

October 19, 2017

 Jim Arnold was a good man. He died because his doctor gave him bad drugs. 
It is likely that you have heard the pharmaceutical industry’s talking point that we must not limit the prescribing of opioids because so many people need relief from their pain. The truth is, there is no evid
ence that opioids relieve pain when used to treat those with chronic pain. There IS evidence that opioids result in worse quality of life. Opioids do have a role in treating pain, but it should be limited to severe trauma and end-of-life. For chronic pain, these are not good drugs. Please watch this video. It is only 20 minutes long and it will help you understand how opioids destroy individuals, families, and even communities. 

Kelly made this video to honor her dad. I think it does a great job of that. You see, the pharmaceutical industry wants you to believe that only “bad people” abuse drugs. But here is reality: opioids change the brains of all who take them and many will be swept down the same path as Kelly’s dad. I hear this story from different people every week. It is a national tragedy that we prescribe so many of these pills when there is no evidence of benefit. 

Please share this video with your friends. Share it with the policy-makers and media. The New York Times estimates that more Americans died last year from overdose than during the entire Vietnam war. 

Kelly’s dad reminds us that this is not an issue with bad people. It is an issue with bad drugs. 

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